11 months ago

Women drinking a lot of coffee are slimmer

11 months ago

If your fitness goal is to lower body fat, coffee can help achieve it. According to a recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition, women who drink coffee regularly have a lower percentage of fat.

Researchers at Raskin University examined the US National Health and Nutrition Survey to see how coffee consumption is related to body fat percentage. It turns out that women who drank 2-3 cups a day had less fat than those who did not drink it.

Women aged 20 to 44 years had the smallest amount of fat in the body, while a few cups of coffee per day reduce the amount of extra centimeters of deposits by 3.4%. In the age group of 45-69 years, coffee-lovers have less fat by 4.1%.

Interestingly, this trend extended even to those who drank decaffeinated coffee, however, one way or another, we are talking about black coffee. Drinks with cream or sugar do not give this effect.

“Our study shows that coffee may contain biologically active compounds other than caffeine that regulate weight and can be used as anti-obesity compounds,” says lead author Lee Smith.

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