Women in the Czech Republic are allowed to take non-gendered surnames

3 weeks ago

Women in the Czech Republic will soon be able to use non-gender versions of their last names. Deputies have already supported the change of the law.

In the Czech language, the ending “-ova” is added to all women’s surnames: Novak – Novakova. This rule could be waived in rare cases, if a woman has foreign citizenship or is married to a foreigner.

Now women will be able to choose a variant of the surname, as the Senate will vote for the change.

The idea to change the law was put forward by former Minister of Justice Elena Valkova. In her opinion, there was “an unjustified unequal situation that can lead to absurd situations.”

91 deputies supported the changes, while 33 opposed them. At the same time, the proposal to completely remove gender from ID cards was rejected.

Early polls showed that about 28 percent of Czech women would like to have a male version of their last name.