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World situation worsens with COVID-19 – WHO

World situation worsens with COVID-19 - WHO

The World Health Organization said that the situation with COVID-19 in Europe is improving, while at the same time, the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing worldwide

This was reported in the press service of WHO.

“Currently, WHO has registered almost 7 million cases of COVID-19 and almost 400 thousand deaths. Although the situation in Europe is improving, it is getting worse around the world, ”said WHO Director-General Tedros Adan Gebreisus during today’s briefing.

Gebreisus informed that more than 100 thousand new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded daily over the past 10 days. On Sunday, June 7, the most number was recorded – more than 136 thousand cases.

“Nearly 75% of yesterday’s cases were found in 10 countries, mainly in the Americas and South Asia. In most countries in the African region, COVID-19 cases continue to rise. We also see an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ”the organization’s director general added.

The biggest threat, according to Gebreisus, is currently the “carelessness” of people.

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