World’s only white giraffe equipped with GPS to keep poachers away

Rangers will now track the movements of the world’s last white giraffe. So they want to protect him from poachers.

In Kenya, the world’s only remaining white giraffe has been fitted with a GPS tracking device so it can be rescued from poachers. The BBC reports.

Once the camera is mounted on the animal’s horns, rangers can track its movements in real time.

It has a rare genetic disorder called leukism, which causes loss of skin pigmentation. The male is believed to be the last of its kind after poachers killed two members of his family in March.

Rangers fear that the giraffe will suffer the fate of the killed female and her seven-month-old cub. Their bodies were found in a conservation area in the northeastern district of Kenya Garissa, where a male giraffe now lives.

Living in more than 15 African countries, giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. They are hunted by poachers for their skins and meat.