WP learned about the discussion in the U.S. administration on nuclear testing

11 months ago

On May 15, high-ranking representatives of the U.S. administration discussed the possibility of conducting the first nuclear test since 1992, the Washington Post reported, citing informed sources

Participants in the meeting considered the possibility of conducting a nuclear test explosion on the grounds that officials of the administration were informed that Russia and China were allegedly conducting low-power nuclear tests.

According to supporters of the test, its implementation will facilitate negotiations on a new strategic offensive arms reduction (START) treaty, in particular, the involvement of China, as Washington seeks.

The meeting ended without a specific solution, but one source said that “it looks like the conversation will continue”.

Another source said that in the end, the prevailing view was that in response to the threats from Russia and China, other measures should be resorted to and the tests avoided.

The paper believes that a test, if conducted, “would have far-reaching consequences for relations with other nuclear powers and would lift the 10-year moratorium on such actions.

START III was signed in 2010, entered into force in February 2011, and will expire on 5 February 2021. The Russian Federation has repeatedly proposed various options for extending the Treaty, and the United States is in favour of joining the agreements of China. Beijing, for its part, explained its refusal to accede to the Treaty by the fact that its strategic nuclear capabilities are significantly inferior to those of the United States and Russia.

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