Xiaomi follows Apple in stopping putting the charger on the phone

Xiaomi follows Apple in stopping putting the charger on the phone

Tech giant Xiaomi has announced that the next Mi 11 flagship will no longer have a charger unit bundled with the phone.
Apple is henceforth not the only major brand that will not be putting a charger in the box of its latest flagship phone.

As noted on Reddit, Xiaomi has announced that its upcoming Mi 11 phone will not include a charger. The reasoning is already familiar to many and seems very reasonable. Many people already have old chargers, and it meets the requirements for a “greener” device with less waste and less packaging.

Xiaomi said it will hold a conference on December 28 to discuss the solution. The company admits that the solution will be unpalatable to some users who don’t have a charging unit from older phones.

Critics have already criticised the move. While there is an environmental argument for supplying fewer chargers, it also helps Xiaomi save money. The company will be able to maintain or increase its profits, especially on those customers who choose to buy an official charger. This could be people who already own chargers, as you won’t be able to take advantage of fast charging if you don’t have a compatible adapter.

The exception won’t matter much in North America and other regions where Xiaomi has a limited audience. However, it could easily set the stage for what is to come. Meanwhile, it has been reported that Samsung will reportedly stop putting a charger in the Galaxy S21 box. Apparently, there’s a real chance you’ll have to try your best to find a phone (at least a premium phone) with a power pack included in the box in 2021.