Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with a flexible screen. Video

Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with a flexible screen. Video

The unusual patent was registered by the company late last year, but information about it has surfaced only now.

Xiaomi has added a new unusual gadget to its patent portfolio: a conceptual smartphone, which will presumably be the successor to the Mi Mix Alpha introduced last year. The original design of the device allows you to pull the display out of the case: how it might look like in practice, has already shown in his new video well-known designer nicknamed Concept Creator.

The idea, proposed by Xiaomi’s engineers, involves a special mechanism that uses guides for the flexible display. The device is designed to pull the screen coiled up inside the case, with these bars acting as stiffeners to provide sufficient rigidity. It is noteworthy that the relevant patent was registered at the end of 2019, but only recently became available to the public.

The smartphone will get a camera unit similar to the Mi Mix Alpha, inscribed in a narrow strip on the back of the body, according to the speculation of netizens. Alas, the patent documentation does not provide any technical details about the device, so its final appearance could be different from the concept shown by the designer.

The possible announcement date and price of the stretchable Xiaomi smartphone is not yet known.