Yellowstone volcano’s colossal eruption is not the greatest danger

Yellowstone volcano's colossal eruption is not the greatest danger

Volcanologist and Yellowstone volcano expert Clive Oppenheimer says a super eruption is unlikely. In a new interview, he said that the much bigger danger is large and small steam explosions – these have happened much more often than a massive eruption.

Oppenheimer believes there are many potential scenarios for a future Yellowstone volcanic eruption. “What’s causing people’s fear and interest is the possibility of a colossal eruption, what we might call a super eruption, but it’s a very rare event. The probability is extremely low – less than 1 chance in a million per year,” the expert notes.

“One of the most likely scenarios in Yellowstone is small steam explosions. We all know about the famous geysers, and when this water turns into steam it can explode the rock and form a crater several tens or hundreds of meters in diameter,” Opperheimer stressed.