You can make good money by inventing a space toilet for the moon

11 months ago

NASA is attracting outside volunteers to design a new toilet for flying to the moon. All desires can offer their solutions for their mission “Artemis” in 2024 – and get a good reward.

Interbartolo, project manager for the Lunar Loo Challenge, oversees the competition, which kicked off Thursday. Experts hope to attract new minds and innovative solutions to the problem of capturing and storing human waste in space.

Applications are accepted until August 17th. Participants can get a prize of $ 35,000 for a successful idea for Artemis.

The technology of space toilets in the distant past survived difficult times – for example, during the time of Apollo, waste collection bags had to stick to the buttocks of astronauts in an environment that was not always as safe as one might hope.

The International Space Station has a large toilet that uses suction technology to overcome the problem of microgravity. However, it also works problematically. Now astronauts need a way to eliminate waste that will work both in space and on the surface of the moon.

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