You can vote for Trump even if he dies, the expert said

Even if the current US President Donald Trump dies as a result of the coronavirus, his name will not disappear from the ballots, and the Americans will be able to vote for him, since the process has already been launched, another question is whether they will vote in this case, the director of the Foundation for the Study of the United States of America told RIA Novosti Franklin Roosevelt at Moscow State University Yuri Rogulev.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump confirmed that he and his wife had been diagnosed with coronavirus. On Friday evening, the American president was admitted to a US Navy hospital on the outskirts of Washington.

The organization of elections is handled by local authorities, and it differs from state to state, the expert explained.

“If one of the candidates leaves, he still remains on the ballot, because they have already been printed, in some states there is a vote. Therefore, there is a candidate, there is no candidate – the process has already been launched. the surname will be on the ballot. The Americans will vote. Whether they will support the departed person is a big question, no one will cross him out. The vote is already underway, “the expert said.

Moreover, Rogulev pointed out, the registration of new candidates by state is closed, so there is no likelihood of a new Republican candidate emerging. Theoretically, this can be assumed, but a month before the elections, registering and approving a candidate, printing ballots is, according to him, unrealistic.

“The elections will not be postponed under any circumstances. This is generally not provided for in American legislation,” he stressed.

The expert noted that now the issue of saving the president is a matter of honor for American doctors.

“Otherwise it will be a complete nightmare for America, because they simply cannot allow this,” he said.

The US presidential election will be held on November 3, early voting in several states has already begun.