Youngest U.S. Congresswoman Calls for Purge of Trump Supporters

Youngest U.S. Congresswoman Calls for Purge of Trump Supporters

The youngest US congresswoman, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called for lists of officials who supported the incumbent President Donald Trump during the 2020 elections and during his years in power. Politico drew attention to the post on her Twitter account.

“Does anyone keep a record of these Trump sycophants in case they try to downplay or deny their involvement in the future?” – wrote the politician.

As Politico notes, a number of activists have already responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s remark. In particular, a group calling itself “The Trump Responsibility Project” posted a statement on its website in which it called for punishment of everyone who worked in the administration of the incumbent president, as well as those supporters of the American leader who voted for him and those who financed him. campaign. At the same time, officials working in the White House criticized the words of the congresswoman, considering them calls for purges that threaten democracy.

Thus, one of the Trump administration officials, in an interview with Politico, said that Ocasio-Cortez’s statement looks scary, since she is promoting such ideas absolutely seriously. “It’s terrible that an incumbent member of Congress is calling for something like this … This should definitely scare the American people much more than me,” said the source, recalling that about 70 million Americans voted for Trump. “It might start with Trump officials, but what if they go further?” He warned.

At the same time, many Republicans who have worked with Trump doubt that they may actually have any employment problems in the future. According to them, the elections for the party were not as bad as they could have been, and the assessment of the outgoing president’s activities in society is not as negative as in the case of, for example, George W. Bush, who was harshly criticized by many for starting the war in Iraq. At the same time, many Bush supporters were also threatened with removal from politics, but in the future they were able to successfully continue their careers, and some even began working with Democrats.

On November 7, Democrat Joe Biden, who received 290 electoral votes against the required 270 and thereby secured his victory, proclaimed himself elected President of the United States. In turn, Donald Trump said that he hopes to regain his leading position in a number of states through the courts. He believes that Biden hastened to call himself the new leader of the country, since the elections are not over yet.