YouTube deleted 2.5 million dislikes under video of Biden

3 weeks ago

An anonymous study has been published online that found that YouTube hid about 2.5 million “Dislike” tags under a video of Joe Biden on the White House channel.

According to data published on, 300 videos received 3.7 million dislikes, of which 2.5 million disappeared. On average, YouTube deletes 8,000 dislikes per video, while the number of likes remains unchanged.

An anonymous survey was launched Jan. 26 and shows that despite the deletions, there are almost six times as many disliked videos as likes. The dislikes are presumably from Trump supporters, as evidenced by social media posts.

The site also has data on other major channels, but they don’t have such massive deletions of dislikes.

The video hosting site and its developer Google have been repeatedly accused of political bias, although all products are claimed to be “politically neutral. However, leaked internal materials and employee records show that politics do play a role at the company.

According to researcher Robert Epstein, Google skewed the U.S. presidential election results in favor of Democrats and liberals. The company denied the allegations.

By the way, YouTube recently announced the testing of a feature in which the number of “likes” is hidden for viewers, but the option to “dislike” remains.

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