Zhirinovsky promised to cure Trump from coronavirus with a Russian drug

11 months ago

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky advised US President Donald Trump to stop taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of coronavirus, since the negative effect of the medication is “obvious”.

“Donald Trump in vain began taking the antimalarial medicine hydroxychloroquine to protect himself from coronavirus. He has been drinking it for 10 days, and most likely the drug is harming him. His eyes went dark, and on the whole it seems that the US president is in a slightly inhibited condition, ”he wrote in his Telegram channel on Tuesday, May 19.

The Russian politician suggested that the American leader stop taking the drug and wait for the Russian medicine for COVID-19, which, according to him, will cure not only himself, but also some members of the US president’s entourage.

“I think he should stop taking this drug and wait for the Russian medicine – it will be better. We will cure Trump, and according to his list, another 5-6 Americans who are most important to him, ”Zhirinovsky wrote.

Also, the leader of the Russian liberal democrats supported Trump’s idea of ​​creating a commission to investigate the origin and spread of coronavirus infection.

“At the same time, Trump is absolutely right about the creation of a coronavirus commission. We need to find out where this infection came from, why tough measures were not taken in its time against its spread around the world. And indeed, apply sanctions against those who are to blame for the belated warning about the epidemic that has begun, ”the politician wrote.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump admitted that he took the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine daily to prevent coronavirus. The American president noted that he drinks one tablet of the drug every day for several weeks. According to him, he consulted with a White House doctor about taking hydroxychloroquine, which, like chloroquine, was allowed to be used in the United States to treat coronavirus infection.

On May 18, the Russian Ministry of Health announced that there were no obstacles to the use of an unregistered Chinese drug imported into Russia for the treatment of coronavirus called Hydroxychloroquine.

On April 16, the Russian government ordered the National Medical Research Center for Cardiology to use the Chinese drug Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of coronavirus. Monitoring the effectiveness and safety of this drug was entrusted to Roszdravnadzor.

“Hydroxychloroquine” is an antimalarial drug that causes the death of erythrocyte forms of all types of plasmodia. It has immunosuppressive and some anti-inflammatory activity.

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