Zuckerberg finds Trump’s Facebook posts offensive, but refrain from measures

11 months ago

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg said he considers many of the posts of the President of the United States Donald trump on this social network offensive, but does not intend to censor them. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the publication, Zuckerberg made these statements at a meeting with company employees, many of whom protest against the leadership’s position regarding Trump’s posts on social unrest in the country.

Zuckerberg believes that private companies should not take on oversight functions and point out any violation of politicians.

On May 25, Minneapolis police detained African-American George Floyd. During the detention, the policeman knelt on the man’s neck. Floyd screamed that he was choking, but law enforcement officers did not pay attention to it. As a result, the man died in intensive care. This caused massive protests and riots in the United States.

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