Zuckerberg threatened to withdraw his investment from the UK

Zuckerberg threatened to withdraw his investment from the UK

The head of Facebook is not satisfied with the digital policy of the UK and said that he can find support in other markets

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has threatened to withdraw investments from the UK unless the government tries to soften its position on the regulation of Silicon Valley companies, according to a document published Tuesday, The Guardian writes.

In response, Matt Hancock, who held a meeting with Zuckerberg in 2018, when he was Minister of Culture made his announcement. He said the UK could “move from threatening regulation to encouraging cooperative work. This will help legislation to be proportionate and innovation-friendly.

The conversation, recorded in the minutes of the couple’s meeting at the technology summit in Paris, was disclosed by the Bureau of Journalist Investigations (BIJ). This happened due to the two-year battle for freedom of information.

Zuckerberg complained that the British government was against technology. In addition, he joked that Britain might become one of the two countries he could not visit.

“If it’s really common in Silicon Valley that the UK government is against technology, then changing the tone is vital,” the protocol says. “London Technology Week is a great opportunity to show it.

Zuckerberg met with Hancock at a time when he faced strong criticism. He was condemned for not appearing before the committee of deputies investigating the problem of fake news. The protocol states that Facebook is “considering a search elsewhere” in the European territory for investment due to poor advertising that the company received from the House of Commons Inter-Party Committee on Culture.

A House spokesman said: “We are fully committed to combating the harm to the Internet and have put forward tough, world leading proposals that will make the Internet safer for British citizens. We will shortly be outlining full details of plans to introduce the new rules. They will include tough sanctions for digital companies that do not take a fair and proportionate approach.